‘माउंट पोपा’ ज्वालामुखी स्थित है –

(A) इटली में
(B) जापान में
(C) इण्डोनेशिया में
(D) म्यानमार में

Q. Fill in the blank with the correct option: A speech given without preparation is called….

(A) Extempore
(B) Exhortation
(C) Rhetorical
(D) Urge

Q. Choose the correct option that expresses the meaning of the underlined idiom :
Smugglers tried to fish in the troubled waters during World War II.

(A) to take double benefit
(B) to work hard to survive
(C) try to destroy the enemy
(D) to take advantage from a chaotic situation

Q. Match the words given in column (A) with their antonyms listed in column (B) –
(A) Words
(A) Approximately
(B) Precisely
(C) Accurately
(D) Conspicuously
(B) Antonyms
(i) Questionably
(ii) Invisibly
(iii) Exactly
(iv) Roughly

(A) a-(ii), b-(iii), c-(iv), d-(i)
(B) a-(iv), b-(iii), c-(i), d-(ii)
(C) a-(iii), b-(iv), c-(i), d-(ii)
(D) a-(ii), b-(iv), c-(i), d-(iii)

Q. Out of the following proverbs, which one is correctly framed or does not have any error in its form?

(A) Don’t judge a book by their cover
(B) Cleanliness is next to Godliness
(C) A apple a day keeps the doctor away
(D) Where their’s a will, their’s a way

Q. Match the parts of sentences listed in Column (A) with those of the ones given in Column (B) so as to frame appropriately meaningful sentences –
Column (A)
(A) Unless you work hard……
(B) If you were rich ……..
(C) The boy who stood first…….
(D) We reached the station………
Column (B)
(i) ……you would probably spend much.
(ii) ……..got the prize.
(iii) ……..before the train arrived.
(iv) ……….you will fail.

(A) a-(ii), b-(i), c-(iv), d-(iii)
(B) a-(iv), b-(i), c-(ii), d-(iii)
(C) a-(iii), b-(ii), c-(iv), d-(i)
(D) a-(ii), b-(iii), c-(iv), d-(i)

Q. Select the appropriate phrasal verb from the given options to fill the blank space and complete the sentence – “Ten candidates ………. … for the interview.”

(A) turned up
(B) turned down
(C) turned over
(D) turned out

Q. The sentence: “Where did you buy this pen from?” (will be read in passive voice as) –

(A) From where was this pen bought by you?
(B) From where is the pen bought by you?
(C) From where has the pen been bought by you?
(D) From where had the pen been bought by you?

Q. Choose the correct option –
He said, “Give me some food, please.”
(Change into Indirect Speech)

(A) He requested me to give him some food.
(B) He told me to give him food, please.
(C) He said to me that give him food, please.
(D) He requested me that give me some food.

Q. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition –
Mr. Mohan divided his property …………..his four sons equally.

(A) for
(B) in
(C) between
(D) among

Q. Fill in the blank with the correct conjunction:
He commands me …………… he were my boss.

(A) however
(B) as if
(C) but
(D) as

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