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Basic Electricity Related Question & Answer

Basic Electricity Related Question & Answer

Q. The capacity of a acid battery is adversely affected by increases in-

Ans. Discharge rate

Q. Electrolyte used in Edison cell is-

Ans. KOH

Q. During charging and discharging of an Edison cell-

Ans. Electrolyte does not take part in chemical reaction

Q. Electrolyte used in nickel-cadmium cell is-

Ans. KOH

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Q. Nickel-cadmium accumulators in comparison to nickel-iron accumulators have the advantages of-

Ans. Being lighter in weight and cheaper in cost

Q. A floating battery is one-

Ans. Which supplies current intermittently and also during idle period gets changed

Q. Two charges of equal magnitude are separated by some distance. If the changes are increased by 10%; to get same force between them their separation must be-

Ans. Increased by 10%

Q. The phenomenon of an uncharged body getting charged merely by nearness of a charged body is called-

Ans. Induction

Q. When an uncharged body is placed near a charged body then uncharged body-

Ans. Gets charged by induction and then attracted towards the charging body

Q. The value of electric field intensity within the field due to a point charge can be determined by-

Ans. Coulomb’s law

Q. Space surrounding a charge within which the influence of its charge extends is called-

Ans. Electric field

Q. A region around a stationary electric charge has-

Ans. Electric field

Q. On placing a dielectric in an electric field the strength-

Ans. Decreases

Q. Inside a hollow conducting sphere electric field-

Ans. Is zero

Q. Electric field inside a hollow metallic charged sphere is-

Ans. Zero

Q. Electric field inside a perfectly conducting media is-

Ans. Zero

Q. The electro magnet is the mode of-

Ans. Soft iron core

Q. Dielectric strength of a medium-

Ans. Decreases with the increases in thickness

Q. A medium behaves like dielectric when the-

Ans. Displacement current is much greater than the conduction current

Q. The electric-magnet is made of-

Ans. Soft iron core, steel core

Q. Two electronic moving parallel to each other at the same velocity will-

Ans. Attract each other if they move in the same direction

Q. A capacitor consists of two-

Ans. Conductors separated by an insulator called the dielectric

Q. The total excess or deficiency of electrons in a body is called the-

Ans. Charge

Q. The charge of an isolated conductor resides-

Ans. At the conductor surface

Q. When a charge is given to a conductor-

Ans. It distributes uniformly all over the surface

Q. Joule/Coulomb is the unit of-

Ans. Charge

Q. Internal heating of a capacitor is usually attributed to-

Ans. Leakage resistance

Q. Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor is not affected by-

Ans. Thickness of plants

Q. Which of the following statements associated with inductor is wrong?

Ans. An inductor is a sort of open circuit to dc.

Q. The kind of magnet that is made by wrapping a coil of fine wire around a steel bar is called-

Ans. Permanent magnet

Q. The magnetic field strength of an air-cored coil can be increased by-

Ans. Increasing the number of turn on the coil

Q. In a cable capacitor voltage gradient is maximum at the surface of the-

Ans. Earth

Q. While testing a capacitor with ohmmeter, if the capacitor shows charging but the final resistance reading is appreciably less than normal the capacitor is-

Ans. Leaky

Q. If an ohmmeter reading immediately goes practically to zero and stays there while checking a capacitor the capacitor is-

Ans. Short-circuited

Q. A permeable substance is one-

Ans. Through which the magnetic lines of force can pass very easily

Q. Permanent magnetism is one which-

Ans. Is left in the iron piece after the removal if the magnetic field

Q. The direction of magnetic lines of force is from-

Ans. North pole to south pole

Q. When a piece of iron is placed in a magnetic field-

Ans. The magnetic lines of force will bend away from their usual paths so as to pass through the piece

Q. Force experienced by a unit north pole at any point is called-

Ans. Magnetic flux strength

Q. Lines of force-

Ans. Never intersect

Q. Tubes of force within the magnetic material are called-

Ans. Tubes of induction

Q. The number of lines of force per unit area is measure of-

Ans. Magnetic flux density

Q. Magnetic flux density emerging out of a closed surface is-

Ans. Zero

Q. Ratio of intensity of magnetization to the magnetizing force or intensity of magnetic field is called the-

Ans. Susceptibility

Q. The unit of susceptibility is-

Ans. H/m.

Q. For vacuum susceptibility is-

Ans. Zero

Q. The polarity of the pole can be determined by-

Ans. End rule

Q. The magnitude of force acting on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field is independence of-

Ans. Cross-sectional area of conductor

Q. In Fleming’s left hand rule thumb always represents direction of-

Ans. Current flow

Q. If a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field the mechanical force experienced on the conductor is determined by-

Ans. Dot product

Q. The magnetic field intensity (in A/m) at the center of a circuit coil of diameter 1 m and carrying a current of 2A is-

Ans. Parallel to the axis.

Q. The magnetic flux inside the exciting coil-

Ans. Is the same as on its outer surface

Q. It the two conductor carry current in opposite directions there will be-

Ans. A force of repulsion between the two conductor

Q. Mmf o magnetic circuit is analogous to-

Ans. Emf

Q. Unit of mmf is-

Ans. Permanence

Q. An air gap is usually inserted in magnetic circuit to-

Ans. Prevent saturation

Q. The ratio of total flux (flux in the iron path) to useful flux (flux in the air gap) is called-

Ans. Leakage factor

Q. Which law is synonymous with the occurrence of diamagnetism?

Ans. Lenz’s law

Q. The emf induced in a coil due to relative motion of a magnet in independent of-

Ans. Coil resistance

Q. When a single turn coil rotates in a uniform magnetic field, at uniform speed the induced emf will be-

Ans. Alternating

Q. Principle of dynamically induced emf is used in a-

Ans. Generator

Q. The direction of dynamically induced emf in a conductor can be determined by-

Ans. Fleming’s right hand rule.

Q. Principle of statically emf is used in-

Ans. Transformer

Q. Magnitude of statically induced emf depends on the-

Ans. Rate of charge of flux

Q. The property of a coil which a counter emf is induced in it when the current through the coil charges is called-

Ans. Self-inductance

Q. Lower the self-inductance of a coil-

Ans. Smaller the delay in established steady current through it.

Q. An open coil has-

Ans. Infinite resistance and zero induction

Q. When a magnetizing force is removed material the kind of magnetism that remains is called-

Ans. Residual magnetism

Q. Material subjects to rapid reversals of magnetism should have-

Ans. Low permeability and large co-activity.

Q. When an electric current is passed through a bucket full of water lot of building is there. The electric current is-

Ans. Dc

Q. The frequency of an alternating quantity is the number of-

Ans. Cycles completed per minute.

Q. The time period of periodic time T of an alternating quantity is the time taken in seconds to complete-

Ans. One cycle

Q. An ac generator running at 1,000 rpm produces emf of 50Hz. The numbers of poles on the generator is-

Ans. 6

Q. Average value of an unsymmetrical alternating quantity is calculated over the-

Ans. Whole cycle

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