(Pedagogy of English-1)

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Short-answer Type Questions.
Each question carries 5 marks.

1. Write any five words in English which are used by students of elementary level in daily life. What are the possible sources from where they have learnt those words? OR What are the errors that usually primary grade students do while reading English?

2. Today is your first class in a new school. How will you introduce yourself to students ? Write at least four sentences in English. OR What is the difference between monolingual and multilingual ? Give example.

3. How second language is different from the first language? Give example. OR What are the general aims of English language teaching?

4. Write any three types of writing tasks and give an example of each one. OR Write any five listening activities and give an example of each one.

5. How you motivate your students to read and write English ? Give two examples. OR What preparation you do for teaching English to your students ? Give two examples.

6. Make a sentence from each of the following words:
(a) Close
(b) Climb
(c) Shout
(d) Tum
(e) Bright
(f) Catch
(g) Difficult
(h) Nibble
(i) Pink
(j) Around

Direction (Q. Nos. 7 & 8): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions: There was a farmer. He was very old. He had four sons. They always quarreled with one another. The farmer was very unhappy. He wanted to live peacefully. He tried much but without any result. Finally, he made a plan. He called all his sons. He said to them, “My dear sons! Go out and bring some sticks.” Each son brought sticks and gave them to him. The farmer made a bundle of sticks and said to them, “Dear sons, come one at a time and break the bundle.” All the sons tried, but no one could break it. The farmer then untied the bundle and gave one stick to each son and asked them to break. Each son broke his stick easily. The old farmer said, “you see unity is strength.”
(Source : Chapter – 11 Unity is Strength, Blossom Part-III)

7. What would be the purpose of including this chapter in English textbook of class III ? Write at least two purposes. OR The farmer was not happy. Why?

8. “Each son brought sticks and gave them to him” In the above sentence ‘them’ refers to and ‘him’ refers to OR “He said to them” In the above sentence ‘He’ refers to to and ‘them’ refers ·

Long-answer Type Questions.
Each question carries 10 marks.

9. Take any lesson from English textbook of elementary level and make a learning plan. OR What do you understand by a constructivist classroom ? Take any topic of English subject of elementary level and suggest strategies to teach that topic in a constructivist approach.

10. Explain about Multilingualism ? How it can be used as a resource for teaching English ? OR What are the major challenges faced by children in learning English at elementary level ? Give some real life examples of those challenges and suggest some strategies for their improvement.

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