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Haryana 10th Class English Question Paper 2018

Section A
Unseen Comprehension

  1. Read the passage given below and answer the Question that follow :

Subhash chandra bose was a great leader of India. he was born on 23rd january, 1896 people called him netaji because he led them to the right path. he went to jail many times. soon he found out that more efforts should be made to make india free. The british power was getting weakened in the second world war. He thought of striking it from all sides. One day, he escaped from kolkata in the guise of a pathan and went to germany. From there, he went to japan. He organized the indian national army that fought many battles against the british armies. He said to his countrymen, give me blood and I will give you freedom. At this appeal, hundreds of indias abroad gave their all for the good of india. It was a bad day for india when netaji died in an air crash. We shall always remember him as the greatest fighter for the freedom of india.


  1. Who was subhash chandra bose & when was he born?
  2. How was subhash chandra bose addressed by people? Why?
  3. Where did he escape and how?
  4. What did he do to fight against british armies?
  5. What slogan did he give to his countrymen?
  6. What was the respones of people at his call?


There are several reasons for a headache. Physical, emotional and mental factors, anxiety and tension are some of them. Sometimes, headache can be a signal of an underlying disease. More than medicined, yoga therapy suits all needs. Yoga is a comprehensive mode of culturing the body and the mind. Yoga can cure some tough headaches. It includes breathing asanas, pranayamas, meditation, & devotional sessions.

Yogasanas, especially the ones imiating the natural postures of animals have great tranquilizing effect without using common drugs. Pranayam checks random agitations in pranic (energy) flows in pranamayakosa, & stabilizes nervous system. Dhyana & samadhi relax the mind. It changes the attitude of the sufferer from headache.


  1. What are some of the reasons for a headache?
  2. What is the headache sometimes a signal of?
  3. What is yoga?
  4. What is included in yoga?
  5. What effect do yogasanas have?
  6. What are the advantages of dhyana & samadhi?

Section B (Writing)

2.  Attempt any one of the following:

  1. Write a letter to a goods transport company asking for their freight.
  2. Write a letter to your mother telling her about your life in the hostel.

3. Attempt any one of the following:

a) Develop a story with the given outlines:

A farmer, ___ very old, three sons ___ idle ___ father unhappy, worried, falls ill ___ calls his sons ___ treasure in the field ___ dies ___ sons dig up ___ no treausre sow seeds, good crop ___ moral.

b) Write a brief report in about 40 word on annual prize distribution function of your school to be published in your school magazine.

Section C (Grammar)

4. Attempt any twelve sentences, choosing two from each part:

a) Use the correct from of the verb given in the brackets:

  1. What ____ (make) the moon go round the earth?
  2. Look ! she ____ (tremble) with fear.
  3. This is february then the next month _____ be march.

b) Rewrite the following sentences in indirect speech:

  1. My father said to me, “why have you failed?”
  2. He said to me, “slow & steady wins the race.”
  3. He said to his friend “please lend me your book.”

c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles wherever necessary:

  1. Ink is ___ useful article.
  2. ___ taj mahal is ___ most beautiful building.
  3. ___ rose smells sweet.

d) Fill in the blanks with modals given in brackets:

  1. I have no pets. They ___ be very troublesome. (can/will/must)
  2. The candidates ___ to appear for an interview. (will/must/have)
  3. ___ that i were a millionaire. (shall/should/would)

e) Put the verbs in brackets into correct from (gerund/infinitive):

  1. He is too weak (walk).
  2. You neednt (say) anything.
  3. The rice will grow well in the (come) season.

f) Punctuate the following sentences:

  1. He said madhu looks weak is she ill
  2. I tell you sir i have read king lear
  3. My aunt dr v l sharma lives in srinagar

Section D
(A : prose text)

5. Read the passages given below and answer the questions that follow. Do any two passages:

a) The field was white, as if covered with salt. Not a leaf remined on the trees. The corn was totally destroyed. The flowerz were gone from the plants. Lencho’s soul was filled with sadness. When the storm had passed, he stood in the middle of the field and said to his sons “A plague of locusts would have left more than this. The hail has left nothing this year we will have no corn.”


  1. What had made lencho’s field white?
  2. What had happened to the trees & plants?
  3. What filled lencho with sadness?
  4. What did lencho say to his sons after the strom had stopped?
  5. Name the chapter and the author.

b) After she had enough money saved, her next problem was how to slip out of the house without her mother’s knowledge. But she managed this without too much difficulty. Every day after lunch her mother would nap from about one to four or so. Vali always used these hours for her ‘excursions’ as her house or sometimes even ventured out into the village; today, these same hours could be used for her first excursion outside the village.

  1. What was her next problem?
  2. What time did she use for her excursions?
  3. What was valli’s first excursions outside the village?
  4. Find the world from the passage which means ‘went cautiously’
  5. Name the chapter and its author.

c) The smoke. Here are the matches. The weather is splendid now, but yesterday it was so wet that the workmen did not do anything all day. How much hay have you stacked? Just think, i felt greedy and had a whole field cut, and now i’am not at all pleased about it because i’m afraid hay may rot. I ought to have waited a bit. But what is this? Why, you’re in evening dress ! well, i never ! are you going to a ball or what? Thought i must say you look better ­­­___ tell me, why are you got up like that.


  1. Who says there words and to whom?
  2. Why did the workmen not do anything all day?
  3. Why was the speaker not pleased?
  4. What did the speaker think about the other person and why?
  5. Name the chapter and its author.

6. Answer in about 100 words:

Q.) How did maxwell get the otter? Did he like it? How can you say that?


Q.) Why did Mr. Kessing punish anne? What was the punishment and how did anne finally stop Mr. Kessing from punishing her?

7. Answer any three of the following questions:

  1. What did being free mean to mandela as a boy?
  2. “I’ take the risk.” What was the risk? Why does the narrator take it?
  3. For now long had the seagull been alone?
  4. What are the elders in goa nostalgic about?

(B : Poetry)

8. Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow:

If when you're walking round your yard,

you meet a creature there

who hugs you very very hard,

be sure it is b bear.


  1. Name the poem & the poet.
  2. Where can you meet the bear?
  3. What does the bear do on meeting a person?
  4. What does the creature do to you?
  5. Find from the passage words which mean:
    a) Embraces    b) Courtyard


I think i could turn and live with animals,

they are so placid and self contained,

i stand and look at them long & long.


  1. Name the poem & the poet.
  2. Where could the poet turn from?
  3. Why does the poet want to turn?
  4. What does the poet say about animals?
  5. What shows that the poet loves animals?

9. Answer in about 50 Words:

What are the things that humans do but animals don’t? Does it make the poet sick?


What is the substance of the poem “dust of snow”?

10. Answer any three of the following:

  1. What are the symbols of fire and ice in the poem ‘fire and ice’
  2. How does the tiger terrify the villagers?
  3. What has the boy lost? How does the boy react to it?
  4. How is the sea portrayed in the poem “Amanda”?

(C : Supplementary Reader)

11. Answer in about 100 words:

Describe Bholi’s experiences on her first day at school.


Why did hari singh decide to return the stolen money? What light does it throw on his character?

12. Answer any four of the following Questions in about 30-40 words each:

  1. Why is Mr. Herriot tempted to keep tricki on as a permanent guest?
  2. Who come to meet Ausable? What was his profession?
  3. Was horace danby a typical theif? If so, how do you know?
  4. What is think tank’s first guess about books?
  5. What kind of a person in Mme Loisel? Why is she always unhappy?
  6. Why did the narrator not like his job?

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