In this article we are telling you about the important day which you can be asked in Exam. If you want to download the PDF file, click on the link below. Important Dates & Days Of The Year

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Important Dates & Days Of The Year

Important Dates & Days Of The Year

Jan Important Dates

January Important Dates
1 Jan Global Family Day
2 Jan NRI Day
12 Jan National Youth Day (Swami Vivekanand)
15 Jan Indian Army Day
25 Jan National Tourism Day
25 Jan Voter’s Day
26 Jan Indian Republic Day
26 Jan International Customs Day
28 Jan Data Protection Day
30 Jan Martyr’s Day(Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom)
30 Jan Worlds Leprosy Eradication Day

Feb Important Dates

February Important Dates
4 Feb World Cancer Day
20 Feb World Day of Social Justice
24 Feb Central Excise Day
28 Feb National Science Day

March Important Dates

March Important Dates
8 March International Women’s Day
15 March World Consumer Rights Day
15 March World Disabled Day
21 March World Forestry Day
21 March International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
22 March World Water Day
23 March World Meteorological Day
24 March World TB Day

April Important Dates

April Important Dates & Days Of The Year
5 April National Maritime Day
5 April International Day for Mine Awareness
7 April World Health Day
18 April World Heritage Day
21 April Civil Services Day
22 April World Earth Day

May Important Dates

May Important Dates & Days Of The Year
1 May International Labour Day (May Day)
3 May World Press Freedom Day
8 May World Red Cross Day
17 May World Telecommunication Day
21 May Anti-Terrorism Day

June Important Dates

June Important Dates & Days Of The Year
5 June World Environment Day
12 June World Day against Child Labour
20 June World Refugee Day
21 June International Yoga Day

July Important Dates

July Important Dates & Days Of The Year
4 July American Independence Day
7 July International day of Co-operatives
11 July World Population Day
12 July International  Malala Day

August Important Dates

August Important Dates & Days Of The Year
6 August Hiroshima Day
8 August World SImportant Dates & Days Of The Yearenior Citizen’s Day
12 August International Youth Day
18 August Day of the World’s Indigenous Persons
29 August National Sports Day (Dhyanchand’s Birthday)

September Important Dates

September Important Dates & Days Of The Year
5 Sep Teacher’s Day (Dr. Radhakrishan’s Birthday)
14 Sep Hindi Day
14 Sep World First Aid Day
16 Sep World Ozone Day
21 Sep World Biosphere Day
21 Sep International Day of Peace
27 Sep World Tourism Day

October Important Dates

October Important Dates & Days Of The Year
2 Oct International Non- Violence Day
2 Oct Lal Bahadur Shastri and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
3 Oct World Habitat Day
5 Oct World Teacher’s Day
8 Oct Indian Air Force Day
16 Oct World Food Day
24 Oct United Nations Day

November Important Dates

November Important Dates
9 Nov Legal Services Day
14 Nov Children’s Day
14 Nov World Diabetes Day
20 Nov Universal Children’s Day

December Important Dates

December Important Dates
1 Dec World AIDS Day
3 Dec International Day of Person with Disabilities
4 Dec Indian Navy Day
7 Dec Armed Forces Flag Day
10 Dec Human Rights Day
16 Dec Vijay Diwas
25 Dec National Good Governance Day

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