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Some Universe Related Questions & Answer

In this article we are telling you some facts related to the universe, with the help of this, you can easily prepare your exam. Some Universe Related Questions & Answer

Some Universe Related Questions & Answer

Some Universe Related Questions & Answer

Q. Space probes provide us:

Information of outer space

Q. Name of the first spacecraft to land on the moon:


Q. Geostationary satellite are those which:

Orbit around the earth at the speed of rotation of the earth around its axis

Q. INSAT is the abbreviation for:

Indian of spacecraft

Q. Asia’s largest telescope is situated in:


Q. The satellite launching center of India is located at:


Q. Venus is very shining because:

It reflects 85% of the light falling on it

Q. The color of Mars is:


Space Exploration Related Question & Answer

Q. For space exploration we make use of:

Artificial Satellite

Q. For T.V. transmission to distant places we make use of:

Communication Satellite

Q. The satellite used for weather forecasting:

Artificial satellite

Q. Weather forecasting is made by:

Geostationary Satellite

Q. Of the following the geostationary satellite launched by India is:


Q. Credit for starting space science research in India goes to:


Q. Which is the international communication satellite for the entire world:


Q. The first satellite sent from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was:


Q. The space science is applied for:

Satellite communication

Q. Weather monitoring

Remote sensing

Q. An Experimental satellite fabricated by India:


Q.  A device in the satellite which can receive signals from earth and transmit then in the different direction is called:


Q. Study of atmosphere and its phenomenon like weather and climate is:


Q. Name of the satellite used in India for weather monitoring:


Q. The nearest point of the orbit in which a satellite rotates around the earth is called:


Q. Survey and management of the country national resource done by:


Q. The only planet that has life on it is:


Q. The planet closest to the sun is:


Q. The coldest and the farthest planet in the solar system is:


Q. A recognizable group of stars forming a family a stars is known as:


Q. A luminous heavenly body with a luminous streaking tail is called:


Q. The time taken by Halley’s comet to complete one revolution around the sun is:

76 years

Q. Our sun is a:


Q. The unit of measuring distance between the stars is:


Q. In which month great bear can be seen:


Q. One light year is equal to:


Q. Which planet has maximum number of satellite?


Q. Name the closest star to us:


Q. The distance of Alpha Centauri is:

4.4 light year

Q. The shape of our galaxy is:


Q. The temperature of inner core of sun is:

106 K

Q. The life of the sun is:

5000 million years

Q. Two common shapes of galaxies are:

Elliptical and Spiral

Q. The temperature of the gas clouds when the star begins to form is:

-173 deg C

Q. The concentrated highly dense mass of gases is:


Q. A highly condensed cloud of gases like hydrogen and helium is:


Q. Supernova are:

Gaint star on the verge of explosion

Q. A star has a highly dense matter in the form of Protons and electrons is called:

White dwarf

Q. A spinning neutron star that emits radio waves is:


Q. The planet which does not contain carbon dioxide is:


Q. Big bang theory was proposed by:


Q. The last stage in the life-cycle of star saving mass 100 times that of sun is:


Q. Orion constellation is visible in the season of the year:


Q. Luminous heavenly body with a luminous streaking tail is called:


Q. The tail of a comet always points:

Opposite to the sun

Q. The sun’s surface is called:


Q. The approximate number of stars in universe are:


Q. Asteroids are scattered between:

Jupiter and Mars

Q. What are the approximate times taken for one revolution around the sun by the planet Mercury:?

88 days

Q. Which planet is called the morning star as well as the evening star?


Q. Great bear is commonly known as:


Q. How many constellations comprise the signs of Zodiac?


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