Here we are sharing about The Invention of Dugout Canoe.

The Invention of Dugout Canoe

Sometimes there is no real need to be clever or complex or even particularly sophisticated when it comes to invention. Sometimes simple wine. This is definitely the case with the dugout canoe.

The people of 7500  B.C.E. needed a way to travel on water but many of the materials used in the very earliest boat building still lay a long way ahead in the future. So they came up with a simple answer using the technology that was accessible to them.

The Invention of Dugout Canoe
The Invention of Dugout Canoe

The dugout canoe is in its most basic terms a hollowed out log nothing more than a tree truck laid down on its side and its interior removed.

All that was required was that the hollowed log had to be big enough for at least one person to sit inside and the Wood had to be sound, not rotten. If a log fulfilled these two criteria, it was a potential canoe.

As these vessels were made before the invention of metal tools were hollowed out using a controlled fire and a sharpened rock implement (Known as an adze) to scrape away the burned wood/ Then to reduce drag in the water the front and the back of the log were fashioned into a point.

Dugout canoe has been excavated in various location in northern Europe and is the oldest form of the boat even discovered. Before their arrived, there were no other forms of water travel in existence-only swimming an clinging to driftwood. CL

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