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Invention of Pottery

Here we are going to share about The Invention of Pottery that you can check here in invention list of the stone age.

As applies to all early inventions, we do not know the name of the man or woman who invented pottery. No first potter carved his or her name or initials in the base of a pot to claim first prize. However, it has long been assumed that whoever the creative person was, he or she would have lived somewhere in the Near East of Asia.The Invention of Pottery

Invention of Pottery

It was, therefore, something of an archaeological shock when, in the 1960s, pots dating to around 10,000 B.C.E. were discovered on the Far Eastern side of Asia, thousands of miles away at Vasundhara on the island of Kyushu in Japan.

Invention of Pottery
Invention of Pottery

These post, found in caves, were made by nomadic hunter-gatherers, rather than settled farmers or urban dwellers.

Just as important, the post was made by firing or heating the clay to harden it, suggesting that these people had knowledge of advanced technologies.

The significance of the first Japanese pots is that they predate the first pots made in the Near East by around 1,00 years.

Those pots, found in Iran, were made by drying the clay in the sun in order to harden it, a far more primitive technology than firing the clay.

The Japanese pots have a round base and widen gently to a ridged top and a rounded, incised rim.

They are known as incipient Jomon because they are the forerunners of the j^omon or “cord-marked” vessels developed in Japan around 9000 B.C.E.

These later post had pointed bases and were made by building up coils of clay into the desired shape.

The patterns of the cord-marked post were intended for ritual or funerary use rather than for such everyday uses as cooking and storage.

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