From their earliest use simply as a protective covering for the feet to the vast fashion industry producing them today shoes have been essential items for humans. As with any invention from antiquity, it is uncertain when shoes were first worn, and archeological evidence has continued to complicate the issue. The oldest shoes in existence are from around 7000 B.C.E. and were discovered in America. The Invention of Shoe

The Invention of Shoe

The Invention of Shoe
The Invention of Shoe

The earliest shoes appear to have been constructed variously from rope leaves and animal skins.

As there are all highly perishable materials archeological examples are rare but some argue that there is other evidence pointing to shoe use from up to 40,000 years ago.

Archeological examining ancient bones have noticed a reduction in the size and strength of toe bones during this period which they attribute to the feet being covered. However, this conclusion is far from proved.

The original design for most shoes is similar to that of the modern sandal and consisted of a protective sole held onto the foot by bands to straps.

While our need for shoes may seem obvious their invention was a major development in t the ability of humans to travel, work and endure harsh condition.

An etiquette regarding shoes has developed in many parts of the world.

In large parts of Asia, it is customary for people to remove their shoes when entering a home; this practice has spread to North America and Europe in many homes.

In Asia, indoor shoes are often provided by hosts, but this is less common elsewhere. Muslims invariably remove their shoes before entering a mosque.

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