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Invention of Internet

The invention of the internet has revolutionized the world. Today the internet has become so important that if the one-minute internet is closed, millions of crores will be damaged. Today many have become dependent on the Internet. Who Invented the Internet?

Invention of Internet

The internet is, however, the technology to take an information, from which we can get a lot of information and give information to the people.

Invention of Internet

Because the Internet is connected to millions of crores of computers all over the world, to which it connects millions of millions of people. There is a lot of data exchange across the world today from the internet.

The Internet works on the international level network by which it keeps the user from all over the world together. The World Wide Web is considered the most important tool for the Internet because it can not use the Internet well enough without it.

If you want to get any information from the Internet, then the World Wide Web will be needed and no information can be found without it.

Apart from this, a web browser is required to use the internet.

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Can not use the internet without a web browser. A web browser is a software through which the internet is used and the use of the Internet continues to grow throughout the day.

The Internet was first invented in 1969 by the DOD (Department of Defense).

This Internet was designed by the US Department of Defense by networking the computers of UCLA and Stanford Research Institute computers and the rule used to exchange information on the Internet is used by TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or IP Protocol) and all the Internet and Sun, 1979 ‘British Post Office First International Computer Network, New Technology Began to use.

This network was subsequently launched by ARPN (Advance Research Project in Agency) in the late 1980’s and in the year 1980, Bill Gates had a deal to install a Microsoft operating system on IBM’s computers and to use the Internet correctly.

For the first time, Apple launched the “Modern Successful Computer” for the first time using files and folders, drop down menu, mouse, graphics etc.

The most efficient and easy-to-use software was used when 1989 Tim Berner Lee created the World Wide Web using browsers, pages, and links to simplify communication on the Internet, and after the arrival of Google in 1998, Internet The face changed, so that we are all aware today.

According to a report, when the speed of the Internet is fast, a family can save about five lakh rupees from the expenditure on the Internet in a year.

It can save the most money in the form of internet used in entertainment, online deals, daily search, and travel, and today the most expensive Internet service in the world is in Turkmenistan.

Here’s 2048 for the unlimited Internet access at the dollar rate, which reaches $ 6,821.01 a month.

The cheapest internet service here is limited to 2GB 64 kbps to 43.12 dollars per month.

While high-speed unlimited internet in Russia is about $ 20 a month.

The fastest Internet service here in South Korea is the average speed of 2202 Kbps, which is the fastest in the world, and America is the world’s most consuming country.

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