Computer System & Its Components

The computer consist of a set of hardware which when joined/connected with a program, can be turned into a tool for some particular purpose. the hardware refers to different parts/pieces such as the input and output devices, memory, Storage, Processor etc. The user gives the instructions in the form of programs. Let talks about computer system.

Computer System Component

computer are divided into some part that we discussed below.

What is Computer Input Unit?

This is the process of entering data and program in to the computer system. Computer is an electronics machine like ant other machine which takes as input raw data and performs some processing giving out process data.

Therefore, input unit takes data to the computer in an organized manner for processing.

Functions of Storage Unit

  • All Data and instructions are stored here before and after processing.
  • Intermediate results of processing are also stored here.

What is CPU (Central Processing Unit)?

It is consists of ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and CU (Control Unit). Performing operations like arithmetic and logical operations is called Processing.

The ALU takes data and instructions from the storage unit and makes all sorts of calculations based on the instructions given and type of data provided.

It is then send bacj to Storage unit. All operations like input, processing and output is performed by control unit. It takes care of step by step processing of all operations in side the computer.

What is Computer Storage Unit?

The process of saving data and instructions permanently is called Storage.

Data has to be fed into the system before the actual processing starts, because processing speed of central Processing Unit is so fast that the data has to be provided to CPU with same speed.

Therefore data is first stored in the storage unit for faster access and processing.

This storage unit or the primary storage of the computer system is designed to do the above functionality. It provides space for storing data and Instructions,

What is Computer Output Data?

This is the process of producing results form the data for getting useful information. Similarly output produced by the computer after processing must also be also kept somewhere inside the computer before being given in human readable.

Again output is also stored inside the computer for further processing.

What is Computer Data?

It is a name given to the facts that are supplied to the computer. It is then processed to get best output. In simple words, data can be defined as the raw form of information. Typical data may not make sense to user.

It is only after processing that the data is transformed into something that is useful to the user. Thus it can be said that data is different form information.

What is Computer Program?

Computer is a digital device which is capable to understand digital signals. These Signal are generated based on certain instructions that the user feeds into the computer.

A program can be termed as collections of such instructions.

What is Computer Information?

It can be termed as more useful and intelligible form of data. A program operates on the data in a certain format transforms it into information.

What is Computer Hardware?

Hardware terms used to define all electronics and mechanical components found inside a computer system. These Components are activated as required to execute program.

The Scanner and the printer are two of the many hardware components that are used in the process.

What is Computer Software?

A set of programs is called software. It basically divided into two categories.

Application Software

It is the one that is created to cater to specific tast.

System Software

Its runs the application software. Its also provides an interface between application software and the hardware, thus enabling application software to access by the user.

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