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Force and Motion Question & Answer

Here we are sharing Force and Motion Question & Answer that you can check for prepare exam.

Force and Motion Question & Answer

Force and Motion Question & Answer
Force and Motion Question & Answer

Q. A body is moving with uniform velocity its acceleration is:

Ans. Zero

Q. A bus starts from rest and moves with uniform acceleration of 0.1m/s2.The velocity of the bus after 2 minutes will be:

Ans. 12 ms-1

Q. Which of the following quantities is not a vector:

Ans. Mass

Q. A force 100 makes an angle of 30 deg with the horizontal.The vertical component of the force will be:

Ans. 100 sin30 deg

Q. The area under the velocity-time graph gives:

Ans. Total distance traveled

Q. A car is moving with a uniform velocity of 60 ms-1.A retardation of ms-2 produced by applying brakes.The car will stop in a time of:

Ans. 4 second

Q. In uniform circular motion the speed of the body:

Ans. Remains constant but velocity changes

Q. The angular velocity of the second’s hand of a clock is:

Ans. π/30 red/s

Q. if a body is moving in a circle of radius r with constant speed v, its angular velocity is given as:

Ans. v/r

Q. A vector is defined by:

Ans. Magnitude, Direction

Q. Displacement is a:

Ans. Vector quantity

Q. Which is true for Newton’s third law of motion:

Ans. Action and reaction are not equal but opposite

Q. The slope of velocity time graph shows:

Ans. Acceleration

Q. The rate of change of displacement is called:

Ans. Velocity

Q. The slops of the velocity-time graph for retarded motion is:

Ans. Negative

Q. l radian is equal to:

Ans. 573 deg

Q. Angular speed of a body which is moving with unit velocity in a circle of radius l m.

Ans. l rad/s

Q. A bomb of mass 20 gm strikes a target with a velocity of 500 cms-1.If the resisting force is 104 dynes the bullet will penetrate through:

Ans. 2.5 m

Q. A force produce an acceleration of ms-2 in a mass of 1 kg.The force is called one:

Ans. 1 Newton

Q. If velocity of a body remains the same the momentum of the body depends upon:

Ans. Mass

Q. A force of 110 N acts on a body for 0.1 second.The change in momentum of the body is:

Ans. 11 Ns

Q. A body of mass 50 kg is suspended by a spring balance.The acceleration due to gravity is 10 ms-2.The weight of the body is:

Ans. 500 N

Q. The property of a body due to which it can not change its state of rest or uniform motion by itself is called:

Ans. Inertia

Q. A body has a weight W on the surface of earth.The weight is:

Ans. The force with which it is attracted towards the earth

Q. When a fast moving bus suddenly takes a turn the passengers are thrown in the outward direction.It is due to:

Ans. Inertia of direction

Q.  To open a door easily the handle should be fixed:

Ans. At maximum distance from the hinges

Q. Rockets work on the principle of conservation of:

Ans. Linear momentum

Q. The unit of force is:

Ans. Newton

Q. A body is taken 500 m below the surface of earth in a mine.Its weight will:

Ans. Decreases

Q. A body of mass m is moving with velocity v.The momentum p of the body is given as:

Ans. p=mv

Q. Newton’s second law of motion gives the relation between:

Ans. Force and momentum

Q. Momentum of a truck at rest is:

Ans. Zero

Q. Formula for the measurement of force is base on:

Ans. Newton’s second law of motion

Q. Quantity of motion contained in a body is called:

Ans. Momentum

Q. Produced of force(F) and time(t) for which force acts on body is called:

Ans. Impulse

Q. The ratio of force of friction (F)to the normal reaction (R)is called:

Ans. Co-efficient of friction

Q. We can’t walk on ice properly because of:

Ans. Lesser friction

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