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Gravitation Related Question & Answer

Gravitation Related Question & Answer
Gravitation Related Question & Answer

Q. If the distance between two point masses is doubled the gravitational attraction them-

Ans. Is reduced to 1/4th

Q. If the radius or earth were to shrink by one percent of its mass remaining the same the acceleration due to gravity on the earth surface would:

Ans. Increase

Q. ge and gp denote the acceleration due to gravity on the surface earth and another planet whose mass and radius are twice that of the earth.Then

Ans. gp=ge/2

Q. If a planet exists whose and radius were both half that of the earth the acceleration due to gravity at its surface would be:

Ans. 19.6 m/s2

Q. The weight of a body at the center of the earth is:

Ans. Zero

Q. If the earth stops rotating the value of g at the equator will:

Ans. Increase

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Q. Kepler’s second law of regarding constancy of aerial velocity of a planet is a consequence of a law of conservation of:

Ans. Angular momentum

Q. The weight of a body at earth surface is.W.At a depth halfway to the center of the earth it will be(assuming uniform density of earth)

Ans. W/2

Q. A body has its maximum weight at:

Ans. On the surface of earth

Q. The value of g on the surface of earth:

Ans. 9.8 cm s-2

Q. Mass of a body is 1 kg its weight on the surface of earth will be:

Ans. 9.8 N

Q. The mass of an object having weight of 49 N is:

Ans. 5kg

Q. The velocity of a stone of mass 1 kg thrown vertically upward is 19.6 ms-1.The maximum height to which stone will rise is:

Ans. 19.6 m

Q. Weight of a body on the equator is W the weight on the poles will be:

Ans. More then W

Q. A freely falling body has:

Ans. K.E.and P.E only

Q. The speed of body dropped from a tower after falling through 100 m will be:

Ans. 44.3 ms-1

Q. All freely falling objects in vacuum have:

Ans. Same acceleration

Q. Mass of earth is Approximately:

Ans. 6×1024 kg

Q. G (Universal constant) is also called:

Ans. Gravitational constant

Q. Value of acceleration due to gravity is maximum at:

Ans. Surface of earth

Q. The gravitational force of attraction between two bodies of 1 kg separated by 1m each separated by 1 m is:

Ans. 6.67×10-11n

Q. A ball is thrown upwards with a velocity of 100 m/s.It will reach the ground after:

Ans. 10 s

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