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Light Reflection & Refraction Question & Answer

In this article, we are sharing Light Reflection & Refraction Part 1 MCQ that can help you in SSC and HSSC and competitive examination.

Light Reflection & Refraction Question & Answer

Light Reflection & Refraction Question & Answer

Q. Image formed by a convex mirror is:

(A) a real images
(B) a virtual erect and diminished images
(C) an inverted images
(D) an erect and magnified images

Q. When an object is placed beyond 2 F of a concave mirror the image formed is:

(A) real inverted and of same size
(B) real inverted and magnified
(C) real inverted and diminished
(D) virtual erec6 and enlarged

Q. The image an object placed in front of a mirror is always formed virtual, irrespective of the position of the object.The kind of the mirror can be:

(A) plane or concave
(B) plane or convex or concave
(C) convex or concave plane or convex
(D) plane or convex

Q. In case of spherical mirrors,the focal length and radius of curvature are related as:

(A) f=R/2
(B) f=2R
(C) F=R
(D) none of these

Q. A candle is placed at a distance of 15cm from a concave mirror of radius of curvature 30cm.The distance of the image of candle will be:

(A) 7.5cm
(B) 30cm
(C) infinity
(D) 15cm

Q. An object is placed 25cm from a concave mirror of focal length 50cm.The position an nature of the image will be:

(A) 55cm behind, real
(B) 50cm behind, virtual
(C) 50cm in front, real
(D) 55cm in front, real

Q. A man is looking his magnified image in a mirror place in front of him.The kind of the mirror he is using is:

(A) plane mirror
(B) convex mirror
(C) concave mirror
(D) none of these

Q. A dentist’s concave mirror has a focal of 3 cm The mirror is placed 2cm from the tooth.the magnification of the image will be:

(A) +6
(B) +1/6
(C) -3
(D) +3

Q. magnification produced by a plane mirror is:

(A) +1
(B) +2
(C) +1/2
(D) -1

Q. In automobiles mirror are used to see the traffic coming from behind because:

(A) They from magnified images
(B) They from erect and diminished images
(C) they from real images
(D) They look beautiful

Q. In searchlights and head lights of automobiles,the mirror used is:

(A) concave mirror
(B) plane mirror
(C) convex mirror
(D) none of these

Q. The refractive index of glass with respect to air is 3/2.The refractive index of air with respect to glass is:

(A) 3/2
(B) 1/3
(C) 3
(D) 2/3

Q. When refraction takes from a rarer medium to a denser medium the ratio of sine of angle of incidence to the sine of angle of refraction is known as:

(A) Refractive index of rarer medium
(B) Refractive index of denser medium w.r.t. rarer medium
(C) deviation of the ray of light
(D) Refraction of light

Q. An object is placed at the bottom of a beaker and the beaker is field with a liquid up to a height of 10cm.If the refractive index of liquid w.r.t.air is 4/3 the apparent depth of the object will be.

(A) 7.5cm
(B) 7cm
(C) 8cm
(D) 2.5cm

Q. When rays of light fall on a convex lens,it:

(A) converges them
(B) does not bend them
(C) diverges them
(D) none of these

Q. The minimum distance between the object and the lens for which a real image is possible with a convex lens is:

(A) its focal length
(B) twice its focal length
(C) square of focal length
(D) four times the focal length

Q. If magnification of positive the nature of the image is:

(A) real and inverted
(B) virtual and erect
(C) real
(D) none of these

Q. the image of an object placed 15cm from a lens is formed erect and double the size of the object.The focal length and nature of the lens is:

(A) 30 cm concave
(B) 60 cm convex
(C) 60 cm concave
(D) 30 cm, Convex

Q. value of refractive index of a diamond is:

(A) 1.50
(B) 1.33
(C) 2.42
(D) 2.80

Q. A lens which can produce magnification of 1,less then 1 or greater then 1 can be a:

(A) convex lens
(B) glass lab
(C) concave lens
(D) plane mirror

Q. The focal length of a convex lens is 5cm.To get a real image magnified two times the object should be placed at:

(A) 5cm
(B) 7.5 cm
(C) 10cm
(D) 2.5cm

Q. An object is placed at infinity.The image formed by a concave lens is always:

(A) At focus
(B) between F and 2F
(C) beyond 2F
(D) Between Focus and Optical Centre

Q. A convex lens has a focal length of 20cm.Its power dioptres:

(A) -5D
(B) -10D
(C) +5D
(D) +10D

Q. The focal lengths of the objective lens and eye-piece of an Astronomical telescope are 120cm and 10cm respectively. the magnifying power of the telescope is:

(A) 20
(B) 12
(C) 10
(D) none of these

Q. A concave lens is used in spectacles for correcting the defect of the eye.The defect is known as:

(A) Myopia
(B) Hypermetropia
(C) Astigmatism
(D) Colour blindness

Q. A convex lens acts as a simple microscope when the object is planed:

(A) between F and 2F
(B) between optical centre and focus
(C) at 2F
(D) at F

Q. In compound microscope the magnifying power will be large if the focal length of the eyepiece is:

(A) large
(B) equal to that of objective
(C) small
(D) none of these

Q. A man with  defective eye can see objects clearly lying at 25cm.The power of the lens to be used in spectacles to see objects lying at a distance of 2m should be:

(A) +3.5D
(B) -2.5D
(C) +2.5D
(D) -3.5D

Q. A monochromatic beam of light passes from a denser medium to a rarer medium:

(A) its velocity increases
(B) its velocity decreases
(C) its frequency decreases
(D) its wavelength decreases

Q. When a ray of light enters a glass slab from air:

(A) its wavelength decreases
(B) its wavelength increases its frequency increases
(C) its frequency decreases
(D) neither wavelength nor frequency changes

Q. A convex mirror is used to form an image of a real object.Then the wrong statement is:

(A) the image lies between the polls and focus
(B) the image is diminished in size
(C) the image is erect
(D) the image is real

Q. A conversing lens is that which:

(A) collect rays
(B) spreads rays
(C) forms
(D) real

Q. Forms virtual image

(A) A convex lens from a virtual image if the object is placed:
(B) between the lens and the focus
(C) at the focus of the lens
(D) between f and 2f at infinity

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