Literature MCQ & Answer : Some Important MCQ of GK that can help you to prepare for your Exam .

Q. The god of small things is a novel written by?

A) Satish Gujral
B) Arundhati Roy
C) Vikram Seth
D) Rushdie

Q. Who compiled the first guru Granth Sahib?

A) Guru ram das
B) Guru Teg Bhadur
C) Guru Har Kishan
D) Guru Arjun Dev

Q. ‘Humayunama’ was written by IES?

A) Gulbadan Begam
B) Jahanara Begam
C) Abul Fazl
D) Zaibunnisha

Q. The auther of Anandmath is?

A) Rabindranath Tagore
B) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya
C) Sarojini Naidu
D) Sri Aurobindo

Q. The book Defending India is authored by which of the following persons?

A) Amartya Sen
B) Jaswant Singh
C) Manmohan Singh
D) J.N. Dixit

Q. Which was the first India novel in English?

A) The motherland
B) Rajmohans Wife
C) Shatranj Ke Khiladi
D) Geetanjali

Q. The origin of species was written by?

A) Charles Dickens
B) Charles Darwin
C) Charles Shobraj
D) Charles Wald

Q. Booker prize is awarded in the field of?

A) Science
B) Social Science
C) Medicine
D) Literature

Q. Who is the author of the book my Experiments with truth?

A) Michael Anderson
B) Jarnes Morris
C) Mahatma Gandhi
D) Winston Churchill

Q. The original name of mahatma is?

A) Katha Sarit sager
B) Jai Samhita
C) Rajatarangini
D) Vraht Katha

Q. Which of the following books is written by R.N. Tagore?

A) Rakta Karabi
B) Anand Math
C) Chindambara
D) Durgesh Nandini

Q. Lala Lajpat rai is the author of the book?

A) India Divided
B) Hind Swaraj
C) Unhappy India
D) Mother India

Q. The creator of Sherlock Holmes was?

A) Shakespeare
B) Dr. Watson
C) Iran Le Carre
D) Arthur Conan Doyle

Q. ‘Zafarnama’ was a letter written to a Mughal emperor by which of the following Sikh gurus?

A) Hari Rai
B) Arjun Dev
C) Tegh Bahadur
D) Gobind Singh

Q. ‘the road ahead’ is a book written by?

A) Jyoti Basu
B) L.K. Advani
C) Bill Clinton
D) Bill Gates

Q. ‘India 2020________________a vision for the new millennium” is a new book which has attracted the readers” attention. Who wrote this book?

A) Khushwant Singh
B) R.K. Laxman
C) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Y.S. Rajan
D) Nirad C. Chaudhry

Q. The romantics is the first fiction work of which writer?

A) Raj Kamal Jha
B) Salman Rushdie
C) Tarun Tejpal
D) Pankaj Mishra

Q. Which artist’s autobiography is titled “autobiography of a genius”?

A) Winston Churchill
B) Z.A. Bhutto
C) Otto Von Bismark
D) None of these

Q. The book ‘living with Honour’ is written by?

A) Arundhati Roy
B) Shiv Khera
C) Pramod Batra
D) Vikram Seth

Q. The book ‘cricket my style’ is written by?

A) Sunil Gavaskar
B) Sachin Tendulkar
C) Kapil Dev
D) Mohinder Amarnath

Q. Who is the first non- European to win the Nobel Prizefor literature?

A) Mahatma Gandhi
B) Jawahar Lal Nehru
C) Rabindranath Tagore
D) Sarojini Naidu

Q. ___________ is a book written by late Dr. Mulkraj Anand, the eminent English author?

A) Coolie
B) The Barbers Trade Union
C) Two Leaves and a Bud
D) All of these

Q. Which of the following is the publisher of ‘employment news?

A) Indian Express Group
B) Professional Management Group
C) Times of India Group
D) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Q. Which of the following Paris of book and authors is correct?

A) ‘my India’- V.V Giri
B) ‘my truth’- raj Mohan Gandhi
C) ‘dark room’- R.K. Narayan
D) ‘guide’- Mulk Raj Anand

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