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Metals and Non-Metals

In this article we are going about Chemistry Lesson:- Metals and Non-metals that can help to prepare for your exam.

Metals and Non-Metals

Metals and Non-Metals

Q. Metallurgy is the process of:

Ans. extracting the metal from the ore

Q. Calcination is the process of heating the:

Ans. Ore in absence of air

Q. The metal which forms most strong basic oxide is:

Ans. K

Q. Find out the wrong statement:

Ans. Some metals from neutral oxides

Q. The example of metalloid is:

Ans. Sb

Q. Metalloids are those elements which exhibit the properties of:

Ans. both metals and non-metals

Q. The metal which is found in free state in nature:

Ans. Ag

Q. The metal which is the best conductor of heat and electricity is:

Ans. an amalgam

Q. A common metal used for the extraction of metals from their oxides by reduction is:

Ans. Al

Q. Flux is a substance used for:

Ans. removing the unwanted metal oxide or silica

Q. Sulfide ores are usually concentrated by:

Ans. froth flotation

Q. The principle ore of Aluminum is:

Ans. Bauxite

Q. Which of the following id not an ore of Aluminum?

Ans. Azurite

Q. The formula of cryolite is:

Ans. Na3AIF6

Q. Aluminum oxide is:

Ans. Amphoteric

Q. For concentration Bauxide ore is:

Ans. Heated with NaOH solution at 150 deg C

Q. Aluminum reacts with NaOH to from:

Ans. Both of sodium meta aluminate and sodium aluminate

Q. When Aluminum is added to KOH:

Ans. H2 is evolved

Q. Brass is:

Ans. an alloy

Q. Malleabitily of a metal that:

Ans. It can be beaten into sheets

Q. Aluminum is a:

Ans. Trivalent metal

Q. The metals;copper and aluminum are found:

Ans. In the combined only

Q. Aluminum oxide is:

Ans. Al2O3

Q. Boron is:

Ans. a non-metal

Q. Magnetic ores can be enriched by:

Ans. Magnetic separation

Q. Which of the following metals will not react solution of CuSO4?

Ans. Ag

Q. Non- mental are:

Ans. Insulators of heat and electricity

Q. Metals from:

Ans. positive ions

Q. Non-metals from:

Ans. negative ions

Q. Non metal in reactivity series:

Ans. H

Q. Metal which is liquid at ordinary temperature:

Ans. Hg

Q. Which of the following do not show allotropy?

Ans. K

Q. Soft metal which can be cut with a knife is:

Ans. Gangue

Q. Metal which occurs in native state is:

Ans. Au

Q. Phosphorus has ………….. allotropic forms:

Ans. Two

Q. Which from of Phosphorus is used in safety matches?

Ans. Red phosphorus

Q. Most abundant metal in earth’s crust is:

Ans. Al

Q. Na,K and Ca are extracted by electrolysis of their:

Ans. Chlorides

Q. Lighter gangue particles are washed away and heavier ore particles are left behind in:

Ans. hydraulic washing

Q. In electrolytic refining anode is mode of:

Ans. Thick block of impure metal

Q. Conversion of sulfide ore into oxide by heating in excess of air is called:

Ans. Roasting

Q. Cheaper reducing agent for reduction of metallic oxides is:

Ans. C

Q. Which gas forms a sort of blisters on the surface of Cu on passing through molten Cu:

Ans. SO2

Q. Hematite is ore of:

Ans. Fe

Q. Formula of hematite is:

Ans. Fe2O3

Q. blast furnace is used for extraction:

Ans. Fe

Q. In extraction of iron from iron oxide limestone is used as:

Ans. flux

Q. Reduction agent in blast furnace is:

Ans. CO

Q. The flux used in the blast furnace to remove the unwanted impurities is………in nature:

Ans. Basic

Q. Formula of bauxite is:

Ans. Al2O3. 2H2O

Q. The most ductile among the given below is:

Ans. Gold

Q. The sulphide ores are concentrated by the process called:

Ans. Forth flotation process

Q. Copper has:

Ans. low resistance

Q. Steel is a/an:

Ans. Alloy

Q. Which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel?

Ans. Carbon

Q. Brass is an alloy of:

Ans. Copper and Zinc

Q. Common salt is:

Ans. NaCl

Q. Washing soda is:

Ans. Na2CO3.10H20

Q. Washing soda is …… nature:

Ans. Alkaline

Q. Chemical name of baking soda is:

Ans. sodium hydrogen carbonate

Q. In the electrolytic,refining pure metal is deposited at:

Ans. Cathode

Q. Carborundum is:

Ans. Silicon carbide

Q. The strategic metal is:

Ans. Titanium

Q. Hall’s process is associated with the extraction of:

Ans. Al

Q. Potash alum is used as:

Ans. Mordant in dying and printing

Q. The process of depositing a layer of zine on iron articles is known as:

Ans. Galvanising

Q. When Non-metals react with nitrogen they from:

Ans. Covalent bond

Q. Non metals bromine is:

Ans. Liquid

Q. Good conductor of non metal is:

Ans. C

Q. Lustrous non metals is:

Ans. I

Q. Hardest non metal is:

Ans. C

Q. Most abundant non metal in the earth crust is:

Ans. O

Q. Atomic number of Silicon is:

Ans. 14

Q. Sand is:

Ans. SiO2

Q. Electronic Configuration of Phosphorus is:

Ans. 2,8,5

Q. White phosphorus is generally kept in:

Ans. Water

Q. Formula for Phosphine is:

Ans. PH3

Q. Electronic configuration of sulfur is:

Ans. 2,8,6

Q. Cinnabar is:

Ans. HgS

Q. Frasch process is associated with:

Ans. Sulphur

Q. Vulcanisation of Rubber is done with:

Ans. Sulfur

Q. Choose the correct statement:

Ans. Gold and Silver occur in native state

Q. Choose the false statement:

Ans. Non metals are mainly located in the left side of the periodic table

Q. The composition of stainless steel along with iron is:

Ans. Cr-18,Ni-8%

Q. The metals which are malleable and ductile are:

Ans. Copper and Silver

Q. Choose the correct statement:

Ans. Chemical composition of cryolite is Na3AlF6

Q. Electrolytic reduction is carried on in case of:

Ans. Al

Q. Which is the heaviest metal:

Ans. Hg

Q. The lightest metal is:

Ans. Li

Q. Cutting tools are made from:

Ans. Tungsten steel

Q. Which of the following is incorrect?

Ans. Melachite:Cu(OH)2.2CuCO3

Q. Pick out the true statement:

Ans. Gold is found in free state

Q. The metal which is protected by its oxides layer is:

Ans. Al

Q. Helium is used in balloons instead of hydrogen because:

Ans. It is non combustible

Q. Purest from of iron is:

Ans. Wrought iron

Q. In stainless steel the metal with Fe is:

Ans. Cr

Q. Concentration of the ore is carried by roasting with is case of:

Ans. Sulfide

Q. The iron produced in the blast furnace is:

Ans. Cast iron

Q. Copper is extracted from its ore by the process represented by the chemical equation:

Ans. CuS+2CuO——2Cu+SO2

Q. The nature of the produced formed when sodium oxide dissolves in water is:

Ans. Basic

Q. When Cl2 is passed over slaked lime,which of the following substance is formed:

Ans. Bleaching powder

Q. Frasch process is used for mining of the following:

Ans. Sulfur

Q. The constituents of stainless steel are:

Ans. Fe,Ni,Cr

Q. Brass is an alloy of:

Ans. Copper and Zinc

Q. White phosphorus is generally kept in:

Ans. Water

Q. When copper sulfate is roasted in air we get:

Ans. CuO and SO2

Q. In blast furnace the reducing agent used is:

Ans. C

Q. Which of the following pairs will give displacement reactions?

Ans. AgNO3 solution and copper metal

Q. Which of the following methods is suitable for preventing an iron frying pan from rusting:

Ans. Applying grease, Applying paint, Applying a coating of zinc

Q. An element reacts with oxygen to give a compound with a high melting point. This compound is also soluble in water.The element is likely to be:

Ans. Calcium

Q. Food cans are coated with tin and not with zine because:

Ans. Zinc is more reactive then tin

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