One Word Substitutions : the act of using someone or something instead of another person or thing, or the person or thing used:

One Word Substitutions

One Word Substitutions
One Word Substitutions

गिलोटिन का आविष्कार कब और किसने किया?

  1. Preventing as destroying the germs of a wound:- Antiseptic
  2. An assembly of hearers:- Audience
  3. Getting signature of important person in his own handwriting:– Autograph
  4. A medicine to counteract the effect of a poison:- Antidote
  5. A medicine that prevents decomposing:- Antiseptic
  6. A person who is skilled in the science of the celestial bodies:- Astronomer
  7. An assembly of listeners:-Audience
  8. A tank for fisher or water planets:- Aquarium
  9. A letter which does not bear the name of its writer:- Anonymous
  10. A person who does not believe in the existence of God:- Atheist
  11. A wide road lined with trees on both sides:- Avenue
  12. A life story of a person written by another person:- Biography
  13. A place where bread and cakes all made:- Bakery
  14. A factory for manufacturing beer:- Brewery
  15. A place where soldiers are quartered:- Cantonment
  16. An animal which eats flesh:-Carnivorous
  17. A person who is competent to pass critical judgment upon anything:- Connoisseur
  18. A person who practices celibacy:- Celibate
  19. A roundabout way speaking:- Circumlocution
  20. A nursery where children are cared:- Creche
  21. An insect with many legs:- Centipede
  22. The science or art of conducting negotiations between nations:-Diplomacy
  23. A government of the people by the by the people and for the people:- Democracy
  24. A battle or a match in which neither party wins:- Draw
  25. A place where ships are repaired :- Dock
  26. Absolute rule of a person or group without the necessity of the consent of the governed:- Dictatorship
  27. The home of the lion:- Den
  28. A place where milk is converted into button:- Dairy
  29. A place where spirituous liquor are produced:- Distillery
  30. A place where one lives permanently:- Domicile
  31. A person who leaves his country to live in another:- Emigrant
  32. A man of unusual habits:- Eccentric
  33. A child nursed or brought up by one who is not its parent:- Foster
  34. A disease (or accident) which ends in death:- Fatal
  35. One who firmly believes in fats or destiny:- Fatalist
  36. One who is well versed in the science of female ailments:-Gynaecologist
  37. Animals which like to live in flocks:- Gregarious
  38. A place for housing motor cars:- Garage
  39. Animals living on plants:- Herbivorous
  40. The killing of one man by another man:- Homicide
  41. The first night of newly married couple:- Honey
  42. One who entertains his guests:- Hospitable
  43. That which cannot be divided:- Indivisible
  44. That which does not apply to the matter in hand:- Irrelevant
  45. Murder or murderer of an infant:- Infanticide
  46. That which can not be seen:- Invisible
  47. That which can not be heard:- Inaudible
  48. That which is not capable of or fit for being elected or adopted:- Ineligible
  49. One who is unable to read and write:- Illiterate
  50. That which cannot be heard:- Inaudible
  51. That which cannot be believed:-Incredible
  52. Capable of catching fire or combustible:- Inflammable
  53. A thing which cannot be moved:- Immovable
  54. A thing or person that cannot be dispensed with:- Indispensable
  55. That which cannot be solved:- Insoluble
  56. That which cannot be made good or repaired:-Irreparable
  57. A house for dog:- Kennel
  58. A school for infants any young children:- Kindergarten
  59. The place containing books for reference or for study:- Library
  60. The resting place for a wild animal:-Lair
  61. A place where money is coined:- Mint
  62. The territory ruled by a monarch:- Monarchy
  63. A person who hates woman:- Misogynist
  64. Animals that suckle their young ones:- Mammals
  65. A theatrical performance which is held in the afternoon:- Matinee
  66. A person suffering from nervous disorder:- Neurotic
  67. A drug which produces sleep or torpor stupor etc:- Narcotic
  68. One who always looks at the bright side of thing:- Optimist
  69. A thing through which rays of light cannot pass not transparent:- Opaque
  70. A placer where astronomical observation are made:- Observatory
  71. A place where fruit trees are grown:- Orchard
  72. A place where orphans are housed:- Orphanage
  73. A thing which is open to objection:- Objectionable
  74. A Young man who promises to to be a great man in time:-Promising
  75. A warrant of protection and permission to travel specially in in foreign countries:- Passport
  76. One who is liked or admired by all:-Purpose
  77. That which can be easily carried:- Portable
  78. A place where water is collected and stored:- Reservoir
  79. A leader in a mutiny riot strike etc:- Ringleader
  80. A place much frequented for reasons of pleasures or health:- Resort
  81. A place where pigs are kept:- Sty
  82. A house for horse:- Stable
  83. Taking place or happening at the same time:- Simultaneously
  84. One who speaks on behalf of other:-Spokesman
  85. Killing of one’s own self:- Suicide
  86. A word which has the same meaning as another:- Synonym 
  87. A case which causes sensation:- Sensational
  88. A place where leather is tanned:- Tannery
  89. A person who abstains from all kinds of alcoholic drinks:- Teetotaller
  90. That which can be clearly seen through:- Transparent
  91. An object allowing light to pass through:- Translucent
  92. A rule that is applicable to all:- Universal
  93. An action taken at one own free will:- Voluntary
  94. One who eats only vegetables and abstains from meat of animals:- Vegetarian
  95. A material through which water cannot pass:- Waterproof
  96. A place where wild animals are kept:- Zoo

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