A Word Synonyms | A synonym may be defined as a word that has the same meaning or the same general meaning as a perticluar word in the same language or is in some application a more or less satisfactory application of it. Thus the synonym of a word can be an exact equivalent in meaning or should at-least convey its meaning in one way or the other or should shoe in what sense it can best be used.

A Word Synonyms

Sr. No. Word Synonyms
1. Abandon synonym Desert, for sake, jilt, leave, evacuate, quilt, vacate, abdicate, renounce
2. Abduct synonym Kidnap, run away with, seize, snatch.
3. Abet synonym Aid, assist, back, condone, help, promote, sanction, support, sustain, uphold
4. abeyance synonym Adjournment, deferral, discontinuation, inactivity, intermission, postponement, recess.
5. Abide synonym Accept, bear, brook, endure, dwell, linger, live, lodge, reside, sojourn, persist.
6. Ability synonym Adeptness, aptitude, capability, capacity, competence, dexterity, endowment, expertise.
7. Ablaze synonym Afire, aflame, alight, blazing, burning, fiery, flaming, aglow, brilliant, flashing, gleaming, illuminated, radiant, sparking.
8. Abstain synonym Avoid, decline, deny, desist, renounce, refrain, withhold, forgo.
9. Abundance synonym Affluence, ampleness, bounty, copiousness, exuberance, pro-fusion, fortune, wealth.
10. Abysmal synonym Bottomless, boundless, complete, deep, extreme, incalculable, profound, vast.
11. Accede synonym Accept, admit, agree, comply, concede, concur, consent, endorse, assume, attain.
12. Access synonym Admission, admittance, approach, avenue, course, entering, outburst, paroxysm.
13. Acclaim synonym Applaud, approve, celebrate, eulogize, exalt, hail, praise, salute, clapping.
14. Accompany synonym Attend, chaperon, conduct, convoy, squire, usher, supplement
15. Accord synonym Agree, assent, concur, conform, harmonize, bestow, concede, endow, render, vouchsafe
16. Accuse synonym Allege, blame, cite, denounce, impench, incriminate, indict, recriminate.
17. Accustom synonym Acclimatize, acquaint, adapt, discipline, familiarize.
18. Acquaint synonym Advice, announce, apprise, disclose, enlighten, notify, reveal, tell.
19. Acrid synonym Caustic, harsh, irritating, pungent, stinging, acrimonious, mordant, nasty, sarcastic, trenchant, vitriolic.
20. Acrimony synonym Bitterness, harshness, churlishness, peevishness, rancour, spleen, tartness, virulence.
21. Adamant synonym Determined, firm, immovable, inexorable, intransigent, obdurate, resolute, stubborn, unrelenting, flinty, steely, stony.
22. Adept synonym Adroit, dexterous, masterful, proficient, versed, expert, genius.
23. Adequate synonym Capable, commensurate, com-petent, requisite, tolerable, sufficient,
24. Adhere synonym Cleave, cling, faster, obey, observe, respect.
25. Adieu synonym Conge, goodbye, valediction.
26. Adjourne synonym Defer, delay, discontinue, prorogue.
27. Admirable synonym Commendable, excellent, exquisite, wonderful, worthy
28. Admirer synonym Bean, lover, wooer, devotee, enthusiast, votary.
29. Adrift synonym Drifting, unanchored, aimless, amiss, astray.
30. Adroit synonym Cleaver, cunning, deft, dexterous, ingeneous, nimble, proficient, quick-witted, able.
31. Audacious synonym Courageous, daring, dauntless, intrepid, rash.
32. Austere synonym Exacting, forbidding, grave, grim, harsh, rigorous, severe, solemn, sterr, stringent.
33. Averse synonym Antipathetic, disinclined, hostile, inimical, loath, reluctant, unwilling.
34. Avid synonym Ardent, eager, fanatical, ferrent, passionate, zealous, avaricious.

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