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Environment and Environmental Problems Related Q&A

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Environment and Environmental Problems Related Q&A

Environment and Environmental Problems Related Q&A

Q. The physical and biological world where one lives is called:

Ans. Environment

Q. What is the vital factor which makes the environment different in different regions?

Ans. Effect of human activity

Q. Name the gas present in the atmosphere at a height of 50 to 60 km:

Ans. Ozone

Q. What is the estimated age of the earth?

Ans. 5 billion years

Q. Name the main agent which causes pollution:

Ans. Man

Q. Non-biodegradable waste is:

Ans. Radioactive waste

Q. Above ozone layer there is present a layer of ions which emit:

Ans. Radiowaves

Q. Air and water pollution is caused by:

Ans. Industrial Wastes

List of Inventions & Discoveries

Q. Man is:

Ans. Omnivorous

Q. The major programme started to replenish forest is:

Ans. Silviculture

Q. Two constituents of an abiotic environment are:

Ans. Air and water

Q. The wastes which remain in the soil and cannot be used are called:

Ans. Bio-magnification

Q. Deforestation causes:

Ans. Soil erosion

Q. The substance which absorbs UV-radiation coming from the sun is:

Ans. Ozone

Q. Some common pesticides:

Ans. D.D.T. and B.H.C.

Q. Silviculture is a programme pertaining to:

Ans. Replenish forests

Q. Free oxygen in the atmosphere comes from:

Ans. The plants during photosynthesis

Q. Atmosphere extends:

Ans. From earth 60 km

Q. Choose the correct statement:

Ans. Algae act as the purifier

Q. Which gas is more toxic:

Ans. Carbon monoxide

Q. Which one is caused by the uncontrolled growth of tissues?

Ans. Cancer

Q. Plants and animals constitute:

Ans. Biotic environment

Q. The water level present underground is called:

Ans. Water table

Q. The physical-chemical and biological world in which we live is called:

Ans. Environment

Q. A thin layer of oil in water is called:

Ans. Oil slick

Q. The dangerous for which no cure has been found:

Ans. Cancer and AIDS

Q. Alcohol ……………….. the alertness of mind:

Ans. Reduces

Q. The pollutant which dissolves from acid rain:

Ans. Sulfur dioxide

Q. The depletion of ozone layer is due to the use of chemicals such as:

Ans. Fluorocarbon, Chlorofluorocarbon

Q. The unit of intensity of noise is:

Ans. Decibel

Q. An example of non-biodegradable waste is:

Ans. Plastic

Q. Most dangerous pollution is caused by:

Ans. Radioactive substance

Q. Which of the following is biodegradable?

Ans. Paper

Q. Ozone is:

Ans. O3

Q. Cutting of trees for various purposes is called:

Ans. Deforestation

Q. Growing of same crops on same soil year after year is:

Ans. Crop mono-culture

Q. The study of the relationship of living things to each other and environment is called:

Ans. Ecology

Q. The meteorological factors are:

Ans. Sunlight, temperature, Rainfall

Q. The necessary methods to control hunting is:

Ans. Sentence for hunting

Q. Which is most affected by taking alcohol?

Ans. Liver

Q. In the atmosphere, Ozone is prepared with the effect of sun rays from:

Ans. O2

Q. Name the disease caused by the virus:


Q. The main effect of radiations:

Ans. Cancer

Q. The biggest source of air pollution in large cities:

Ans. Automobiles

Q. Narcotic drug is:

Ans. Morphine

Q. Tobacco contains:

Ans. Nicotine

Q. Excessive pesticides pollute:

Ans. Biosphere

Q. The heroine is a/an ……………… drug.

Ans. Narcotic

Q. Which one of the following diseases are sexually transmitted?

Ans. Gonorrhea, Syphilis, AIDS

Q. Green hose effect is due to:

Ans. CO2 and CH4

Q. O3 is formed in the stratosphere at height of:

Ans. 16-23 km

Q. Leguminous crop enriches the soil with:

Ans. Nitrogen

Q. Which part of the solar radiation is absorbed by ozone layer?

Ans. Ultraviolet

Q. The sources of nature are regular features of nature and which do not exhaust are called:

Ans. Renewable

Q. The sources which are prepared for many years and can not be made easily are called:

Ans. Non-renewable

Q. The example of the Renewable resource is:

Ans. Gobar gas

Q. Non-renewable sources are harmful because of:

Ans. Pollution in Environment

Q. What should we do to meet energy crisis?

Ans. Use solar energy

Q. Ultraviolet rays cause:

Ans. Skin cancer

Q. Forests help in:

Ans. Conservation of Soil

Q. Afforestation in necessary because:

Ans. Conserve water cycle

Q. Forests are helpful due to their;

Ans. Control over pollution

Q. Effect of excess use of nature resources:

Ans. Nature resources exhaust

Q. Harmful effect of industrial revolution:

Ans. Pollution

Q. Need for conservation of wild animals:

Ans. No hunting of animal and birds

Q. The poisonous gas in the exhaust gases emitted by a vehicle which hinders the activity of hemoglobin is:

Ans. CO2

Q. To conserve wildlife:

Ans. National parks

Q. Conservation of wild animals is necessary because:

Ans. It keeps the ecological balance

Q. The use of forest magnification in industry is:

Ans. Availability of raw material

Q. Due to greenhouse effect temperature of the earth is:

Ans. Rising

Q. Contamination of water is caused by:

Ans. Industrial Wastes

Q. The greenhouse effect can be minimized by:

Ans. Silviculture

Q. The killer gas in Bhopal tragedy was:

Ans. Methyl isocyanate

Q. AIDS is caused by:

Ans. Virus

Q. Chemical pollution is caused by:

Ans. Chemical wastes from industries

Q. Which of the following groups contain only bio-degradable items?

Ans. Cake, wood, and grass

Q. Which of the following constitute a food chain?

Ans. Grass, goat, and human

Q. Which of the following are environment-friendly practices?

Ans. Carrying cloth bags to put purchases in while shopping, Switching off unnecessary lights and fans, Walking to school instead of getting your mother to drop you her scooter

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